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With collective experience of nearly 40 years in the industry, Family Tree Financial took root in 2021 through the visionary collaboration of Chris Eggleston and Stephen Schultz. From its modest beginnings, our firm has flourished, transcending its original founders and blossoming into a collective of professionals who share a common vision. Committed to guiding individuals, families, small business owners, and others toward prosperous financial futures, we've cultivated our growth since day one.

Within the tapestry of our services, we weave a comprehensive range that includes wealth management, education planning, business succession, legacy planning, and retirement planning. Our overarching mission is to empower clients, equipping them to make judicious decisions, attain financial aspirations, and sow the seeds for a lasting legacy for generations to come—a commitment deeply rooted in doing what's right.

At Family Tree Financial, we embrace the understanding that each financial journey is as unique as a fingerprint. Devoted to delivering personalized solutions crafted to the distinctive needs and dreams of every client, we tailor our strategies to cater to individuals in diverse stages of life. Whether navigating the early stages of a career, fostering savings in youth, approaching the golden years, or relishing retirement, our strategies are bespoke, enriching outcomes and aligning with specific goals.

With a steadfast focus on education, trust, and integrity, we eagerly embark on the privilege of serving our clients with the same sagacity and care we would extend to our own family. Hence, our name—Family Tree Financial—reflects not just a business, but a legacy of advice and support.

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