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Christopher Eggleston, RICP®, BFA™, CPFA™, NQPA™

Christopher Eggleston, RICP®, BFA™, CPFA™, NQPA™

Founder │ Financial Advisor

Chris was born and raised in Washington State.  It was discovered early on that Chris could throw a baseball really hard, which garnered him a full-ride scholarship to the College of Idaho.  After graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Political Science and Economy degree in 2002, however, he couldn’t find a job.  Unfortunately, this was just after the planes hit the twin towers, and finding a job was next to impossible.  When at last he did get employed, he found himself working for a small sand and gravel company crunching numbers and taking inventory.  There he met the influential people that he still calls family.  While he has always had a great work ethic, this experience would shape his appreciation for the people in our community who work hard all their lives.

Chris began his financial services career in 2003.  After researching on he found a banner reading:  “Make a $100,000 in your first year!” so he clicked on it (by the way, that was false advertising!) and he found his calling.  He has been serving people and helping them to focus their financial goals ever since.  As it turns out, if you do the right thing for people all the time, they send you their friends and family.  For this very simple reason he created and named the firm:  Family Tree Financial.   

Chris loves to fish, hunt, hike, and whitewater raft, really anything that gets him outside. With his wife Libby and his two beautiful rambunctious kids, Lawson and Martha, they live life to the fullest!

Back in 2003, Chris was instructed to create a mission statement.  His was  “I will never tell you to do what I wouldn’t tell my own family to do.”  He still lives by these words to this day.

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